Converse UK


My focus: Copywriting, Editing, Storytelling
Client: Anomaly London for Converse UK
Studio: ilovedust

Sometimes it’s not about needing to write every single thing from scratch but instead narrowing in on the writing that’s been done that still works, rewriting existing thoughts that aren’t quite there yet and creating a solid framework that holds it all together, keeps the pacing lively, and—ultimately—says what needs to be said. In the process of working with Anomaly London on this project, I read through close to 500 pages of consumer research, brand plans, and presentations in order to find the compelling hooks and hidden gems. Cherry picking and elevating consumer quotes, repurposing existing brand language, and writing new sections with a consistent brand voice resulted in a brand book that felt fresh but also grounded in Converse’s heritage. (Due to the confidential nature of some of the content, select spreads are shown here.)

Converse Holiday

My focus: Copywriting
Client: Converse

*cue the deer puns*